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Comprehensive tools for your growth

  • Services

    Optimize your business with a wide variety of tools and strategies.
    We’ll help you manage the details so you can focus on the bigger picture. Our experience will be your best asset. Start implementing advanced systems for your productivity.
    Tighten your relationship with technology
    Data Analytics
    Unlock your true potential
    Your business on the right track.
  • Boosting your productivity
    Data protection
    Your online armor
    Nothing is more valuable than data, ensure its safety.
    Software development
    Custom-built productiveness
    Tools aimed towards your goals.
    Computer system maintenance
    Clockwork consistency
    Work properly with reliable systems.
    Telemarketing and computer consultancy
    Guidance for better sales
    Hack your way to telemarketing and computing.
  • Optimizing communication
    Happy clients, better sales
    Positive experiences for your clients.

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IVR Interactive
Voice Response
Tele Spot
Web Compilation
Recording Machine
  • Solution

    We’re your helping hand every step of the way.
    We will become part of your team to ensure you reach your goals. We want to ensure your growth because we’re passionate about your endeavors.
    Technical assistance
    The first line of support
    Analyze problems and offer solutions accordingly

    Guide your clients to their next purchase
    Offer content that makes clients aware of their needs.
    Customer service
    Listen and thrive
    Personalized attention for your clients.
    Telemarketing and computer consultancy
    Guidance for better sales
    Hack your way to telemarketing and computing.
  • Sales
    Reach out to close deals
    Find people who haven’t found you.
    Gather feedback to grow
    Reaching out for feedback
    Efficiency in transactions
    Productivity by keeping track
    Follow-ups to keep clients
    Keep in touch after a sale.
    Hand-in knowledge for a better experience
    Key information for clients
    Data management
    Control key information
    Manage the outcomes of your company

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Web development
Social Media Management
Software development
Digital strategy
Digital printing
Corporate identity
Your helping hand to reach new horizons. In JADE Business Solutions your goals are our priority, and your achievements are our purpose.

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